Squeeze the Most Out of your Paycheck!

At payday, many of us begin budgeting from our net pay. We often neglect to consider how we can make adjustments to increase our take home pay or even review what is actually being deducted. As a result, we may settle for certain taxes, deductions, and other payments which may not benefit us at all.

Do you know you can increase your take home pay by making necessary adjustments to your tax withholding? Continue reading


Take Good Care

Our bodies are temples given to us by God. Although we are only in them for a short time, God has put certain things in place to maintain them while we are here. Daily chores and responsibilities can take away from the time that can be dedicated to exercising. It seems daunting at times to keep it up year round. It appears to be only something that only fitness enthusiast can do consistently, but this is indeed a fallacy.

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Understanding the Death of a Loved One Prayer

Let my cry come before you Lord, give me understanding according to your word – Psalm 119:169

As we celebrate the life of a loved one, we must stand firm on God’s word.  Although we may not understand it now, we believe that all things, even death work together for the good of those who love the Lord.  With each and every day, God promises his grace will be sufficient to carry us through.  He promises he will never leave us or forsake us and his word will not return to us void. Continue reading


Bravery can mean different things to different people. What may be hard for you may not mean a thing to the next person. So what is actually to be brave? Well, it’s pretty simple. When you can do the thing that scares you even when you know the consequences of doing it can hurt you or maybe even kill you, that makes you brave. Continue reading

The Morning After

The Morning After – The Conviction of the Holy Spirit
If you have fallen to sexual temptation, whether as a single person or have stepped outside of your marriage and are a woman or man of God, then you understand the feeling you have the morning after. The great morning after – you once again allowed sex to be your god for a few moments, but immediately feel the conviction of the Holy Spirit. You begin to wonder – why did I do this again? God, please forgive me! But, the conviction of the Holy Spirit is so powerful, it truly hinders your walk! But, not only sex, whatever your vice is – lying, cheating, worrying, gossip, or falling to homosexual sins, if you are a man or woman of God, you know and feel the conviction of the Holy Spirit.

Giving Really Pays Back

Each and everyday, we are presented with the opportunity to bless someone. Whether it is the homeless individual at the street corner, your coworker struggling to make ends meet or your church requesting additional funds for a new building – we are presented with the opportunity to be a blessing to someone. Continue reading

And Suddenly

Just recently, God has been challenging me to praise him for things I have been praying for. He instructed me to no longer pray for these petitions as if it hasn’t happen, but begin to praise Him as if it has already happen!

For a stronger confirmation, I opened my bible and fell on the following scriptures and I knew God was once again speaking to me. Continue reading

You are What You Drink!

Don’t you know your body is a temple of God? In 1 Corinthians 6:19-20, these scriptures remind us our bodies are not simply our own but really belongs to God!

Therefore, it is important we drink and eat well. We are often plagued with illnesses, acne, obesity, diabetes, and other diseases because of poor diet. But if you commit to a healthy diet you can begin the internal healing process! Continue reading