You are What You Drink!

Don’t you know your body is a temple of God? In 1 Corinthians 6:19-20, these scriptures remind us our bodies are not simply our own but really belongs to God!

Therefore, it is important we drink and eat well. We are often plagued with illnesses, acne, obesity, diabetes, and other diseases because of poor diet. But if you commit to a healthy diet you can begin the internal healing process!

The Power of Green Tea
Yes, tea may be good to sip with your friends at the coffee house but do you know there is healing power in green tea?
Green tea has many benefits. A study by the Harvard Medical School shows that the consumption of green tea can lower your risk for several cancers. Both breast and skin cancers are among these. In addition, green tea can lower your bad cholesterol and has also been proven to help you loose weight. But keep in mind, when choosing your tea, try to stay away from bottle ready or instant teas which are less effective.
Good ol’ H2O!
Regular H2O is great for any diet and who knew all of its great benefits! Water is great for healthier skin, increasing weight loss and fighting acne. Dehydration can cause your skin to look aged and full of wrinkles.  Adding water to your diet can hydrate your skin allowing youthful and vibrant skin. According to the Ladies Home Journal of Health, starting your morning with a hot lemon water can also fight acne internally.
But how much should you drink? According to Mayo Clinic, women should consume about 2.2 liters daily and men 3 liters.
What you don’t drink is just as important
Staying away from soft drinks, drinks high in calories and alcoholic beverages can also promote a healthier diet. Not only are these drinks not good for you, but increased consumption may also increase your body’s weight.
Take the plunge! Start being careful what you sip and you will begin to see amazing results today!

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