Jesus on the Main Line

When I heard the song “Jesus On The Main Line”  years ago, my first response was to laugh. Not because I thought it was a joke but it tickled me that someone cleverly connected God to being on the phone like someone we can dial-up and call. After some thinking and praising to the song, I totally got it!

How awesome is God to give us 100% VIP access free of charge 24/7 to him! We have to pay for phones and ‘main’ lines in our homes and offices, but never once does God charge us for calling on him for his amazing assistance. We take for granted that he is omnipresent and he is willing to do anything that we need when we call on him! John 14:14 ” Whatever you ask for in my name I will do it” says it all. When we call on Jesus, mountains collapse, enemies perish and sickness is healed. Today I want you to give him a call and try him! There is absolutely nothing that your father in heaven won’t do for you. No call that he won’t answer. Call him up with your praise and your prayers and watch him move in a beautiful way in your life.


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