The Spider and the Web

Sometimes, we get so busy asking God to help us to knock down the spider web and everyday whether we realize it or not, he does! You will find that in some way he will present you with a broom that you can successfully swing at the web and destroy it. Then, you are satisfied and happy that God answered your prayer. You wake up the next day and the spider has yet again made another web and you ask God again to help you to knock that one down as well.  God being God sends you a broom to knock it down again. This goes on for days, months, and for some of us years…

But did you ever stop to think, maybe it’s time to stop asking God to help you knock down the webs but instead ask him to help you kill the spider?

Well, this is what I personally deal with each day. I am taking inventory now and instead of asking God for help with my problems, I am now asking for the solution as well. Granted, we are going to have problems and trials, that is inevitable…but God is still God and he only obliges us with tearing down life’s daily webs because he gave us the free will to decide if we will ask him to tear down the web or kill the spider. I just made a solid list of my spiders and decided to ask him to deal with each because when the spiders are gone you never have to tear down a web again.


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