When you live your life intending to live your specific purpose it will feel effortless. God will never give you anything half done, but WELL DONE! Pay attention to the good things and ask God to reveal if he wants to ‘send’ you the God things!

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Handling Life’s Problems

As we go through this thing called life, there are bound to be some ups and downs. I was once told, when problems bring you down you have to get back up because when another problem presents itself, it is hard to fight on your back. In order to be successful and continue on your journey, you must master the handling of disappointments in your life. Continue reading

See it with Your Eyes Closed

Sometimes, it is not enough to simply pray for our petitions.  We have to take the time out to not only speak it, but also more importantly see it!  So, how do you really see it when you are studying for an exam but do not know the answers?  Or the doctor’s report is something you have not hoped for?  Or your child is not quite making the grades? Continue reading


Bravery can mean different things to different people. What may be hard for you may not mean a thing to the next person. So what is actually to be brave? Well, it’s pretty simple. When you can do the thing that scares you even when you know the consequences of doing it can hurt you or maybe even kill you, that makes you brave. Continue reading


A few years ago, I was introduced to the concept of receiving assignments from God. Much to my dismay, I quickly discovered that when it came to an assignment from God you basically had no choice in receiving it. Of course you have free will to ignore it, but just because you ignore it doesn’t mean that it will go away. I realized when I begin asking God for attributes such as patience, humility and forgiveness toward others all types of people and uncomfortable situations initiated in my life.

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Then Again!

This morning, as I was reading my bible, I had the opportunity to read Mark 8:23-25. It discussed a miracle performed by Jesus Christ. I asked the Holy Spirit to reveal this passage to me. More and more, it became clear to me.

It stated, Jesus spat on a blind man’s eyes and questioned whether he was able to see. The man was only able to see men as if they were trees. Then again, Jesus rubbed the man’s eyes and then he was able to see clearly!

Then again! Those words stuck out to me. Then again! Then again, Jesus rubbed his eyes!

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