Are You in the Right Relationship?

Throughout life, you will encounter many relationships.  You will make relationships at your job, church, school or other areas of your life.  But how do you know if you are in relationships God intended? Continue reading


Understanding the Death of a Loved One Prayer

Let my cry come before you Lord, give me understanding according to your word – Psalm 119:169

As we celebrate the life of a loved one, we must stand firm on God’s word.  Although we may not understand it now, we believe that all things, even death work together for the good of those who love the Lord.  With each and every day, God promises his grace will be sufficient to carry us through.  He promises he will never leave us or forsake us and his word will not return to us void. Continue reading

The Morning After

The Morning After – The Conviction of the Holy Spirit
If you have fallen to sexual temptation, whether as a single person or have stepped outside of your marriage and are a woman or man of God, then you understand the feeling you have the morning after. The great morning after – you once again allowed sex to be your god for a few moments, but immediately feel the conviction of the Holy Spirit. You begin to wonder – why did I do this again? God, please forgive me! But, the conviction of the Holy Spirit is so powerful, it truly hinders your walk! But, not only sex, whatever your vice is – lying, cheating, worrying, gossip, or falling to homosexual sins, if you are a man or woman of God, you know and feel the conviction of the Holy Spirit.


A few years ago, I was introduced to the concept of receiving assignments from God. Much to my dismay, I quickly discovered that when it came to an assignment from God you basically had no choice in receiving it. Of course you have free will to ignore it, but just because you ignore it doesn’t mean that it will go away. I realized when I begin asking God for attributes such as patience, humility and forgiveness toward others all types of people and uncomfortable situations initiated in my life.

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Forgiveness could be one of the hardest things we will experience in life without God.  For some. it’s even more difficult to be forgiving than dying to something. Today, I was inspired to write this because I thought about someone who I was very close to. We relied on each other as pillars of strength for our journey and in addition, we dwelled as kindred spirits. Sadly, today we no longer speak and last night it brought me to tears when I realized I had no idea why. Then it dawned on me…

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